Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gotta love it

I am/was a UI developer.  My work forces me to think about the end user all the time.  So here's another lame Microsoft example from Windows Live Mail which I just had to rant about.
Is this lame or what?
Which Server?  What Certificate?  What does CN mean to an end-user?  What was the passed in value?
This is just a lazy dialog where the programmer just didn't want to take the time to locate the pertinent information to tell the user.  I can appreciate that sometimes, when an error happens, it is so far away from where the data is that it can take some real work to get that information to the user - but without it, the UI is kinda useless.
I keep getting these and I use 5 accounts on WLM so it's been difficult for me to fathom what is really the problem.

Rant Done.